You might remember that one of my first blog posts was about Jennifer.  Well I took some headshots of Jeff (Jennifer’s boyfriend) a few weeks ago.  Here are some of the best shots from the shoot.  I used a large softbox here for the first time.  I also didn’t have my trusty assistant, (Erin, I need you!) so I used a Non-Voice activated regular light stand.

Jeff2 Jeff

sJeff3 Jeff

The line that I use with younger women would not work here.  The line is “look at me like I am a boy you like.”  Instead I said, “OK, I know this is awkward, but let’s try a sexy look.”

jeff1 Jeff

Rawr!  You are a bobcat.  Good looking guy.  Reminds me of a young Eric Estrada.  CHiPs not Univision.

Now that we are past that awkward bit , for you technical people, this was a standard headshot shoot for me.  I used my trusty 70-200 lens and stood about 6-10 feet away (like I mentioned in this post) and shot away.  ISO 200, some reasonable shutter speed for the hair light and TTL.  I used a 24″x30″ softbox, my camera and the sun. Thanks to Jeff and the sun!  No thanks to the light stand – it got in my way.

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