797111057 UuF78 M JenniferJennifer is a friend that Erin and I know from school. She modeled for us on a freezing cold Sunday here in Raleigh.

We wanted to practice using manual flash. This is the quantum t5d-r through a small softbox inside, balanced with the ambient light in the room. The quantum is a pretty strong flash and I think next time I will use a larger softbox and position it a so that more of her face is illuminated. I still like this shot because it captures Jenn’s personality better than some of the other shots.

The quantum is warmed up using a Color Temperature Straw (CTS) gel. I use the gel to balance the color of the quantum with the lights inside the store where we were shooting. The quantum is too strong in this situation, so I dropped the power to about 1/16.

Getting her relaxed was the hardest part of this shoot. When I showed her the first pose, she said “that’s easy I sit like that all the time.” I should have asked her how she sat around the house instead of finding poses for her because that was her best shot of the day.

I hope to shoot her again. This time with warmer weather.

867783048 HoCcs M Jennifer

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