Working at sunset

1228718579 SYUBq L 1 Working at sunset
I shot that image close to sunset on a hill by the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. One light, elinchrom ranger with a a maxilight reflector held camera right and about 8 feet high by my 6’5″ assistant. I shot it with a tokina 11-16 lens on a d300. Like almost all of my pictures I did very little post production. Here is the original.
1219419198 SFQKZ L 1 Working at sunset

That’s straight out of the camera. You can see that I cloned out some of the background trees on the right and added a little contrast to the sky. The key, I think was just getting the right sunset behind her, and the positioning of the ultra wide lens.
For sunsets, I like days where it just might rain, or it just finished raining. I use applications like light trac to tell me where the sun will be setting, direction and time.

As far as the wide angle lens is concerned, you have to make her look like she is standing at the top of the world by shooting from ant-height. You have to get the horizon right at her feet, or you don’t get the drama.

The makeup artist – Anthony Payne helped get her pose, and we just shot from there.
1219419935 sQnTQ L 1 Working at sunset

We shot some other outfits that day including my white shirt. That’s the shirt I use when I can’t think of anything else.
1232331261 kNYNE X2 2 Working at sunset
So this picture was relatively easy because the sunset provided the beauty of it.

Other pictures from the day:

1232327424 BejHM L 1 Working at sunset

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