Photo Booth Time!

Wow!  What a great time with the photo booth this weekend.  Meghan and Brad threw a great event.  We enjoyed the gardens and Putt Putt golf.  I ended up 16 over.  Not too bad considering the tricky corner shot on 10.

833235715 w8WBP M Photo Booth Time!

The happy couple

I wanted to do something special for Meghan’s portraits here.  I originally thought that I would rent a ring light and try to do some fashion-type shots, but the ring lights that I found for rental were too underpowered and would not have worked well in groups.  Instead, I set up the lighting to give a standard portrait if you stood a certain distance from the camera.  If you leaned in, you got beauty or clamshell lighting and a slight overexposure which gets you here:

833235549 GZm74 M Photo Booth Time!

Having fun with the bride

A little more glamorous, I think.  As you can see, Erin was in the wedding this time, so I didn’t have her much needed help.  To set up the shot, I set a 45″ umbrella right above the camera and a large foam core board on a high angled table directly below the camera.  The lens is set to 26mm.  When a guest leaned in, not only did they get the clamshell lighting, but the slight wide angle distorted their faces just enough to make it interesting.  We had a good time with it.  More shots below.

833240750 dXmRJ M Photo Booth Time!

833222342 retVx M Photo Booth Time!

833208739 3xBvf M Photo Booth Time!

833172185 594e3 M Photo Booth Time!

833172803 Df8xY M Photo Booth Time!

You can see the whiteboard in his sunglasses here.

3 Responses to “Photo Booth Time!”

  1. Bryant Swenson says:

    Thanks for all that you contributed this weekend. These are some great photos

  2. Damaris says:

    beautiful and interesting shots!

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