Mandy and Michael

I performed a few rock songs during Mandy’s ceremony on the beach.  What a lovely time!  Here are some random shots during the night.  All of them were using a bare flash with a CTO gel.  The orange gel is to fake that “magic hour” lighting and gives a hard orange light that people like so much in the late afternoon.  These shots were too late for that light, but you can see the sun peeking out above the houses in the background.

1054198960 ifSE3 M Mandy and Michael

1054201065 kqTzS M Mandy and Michael

1054201861 TiNwR M Mandy and Michael

1054207873 nLrPk M Mandy and Michael

1054209088 9pGjm M Mandy and Michael

1054212941 E6eL9 M Mandy and Michael

1054229510 LJDCh M Mandy and Michael

1054235370 XoiQX M Mandy and Michael

6 Responses to “Mandy and Michael”

  1. Bobbie says:

    Love the pic of Matt and Alyssa. Can I have it for my photo album?

  2. Meredith says:

    Oh yes, bare flash with a CTO gel. Great idea. ;)
    Seriously, love them like always.

  3. Maybe I should have used 1/2 CTO? What do you think Meredith?

  4. Outstanding photos, Sam. Especially the low-angle on Mikey takin’ it to the floor.

  5. Lauren Kenny says:

    I should have trusted your angle on the dancing shot with Mikey Moman – pretty awesome! He has more moves at 60 than I ever will, and I’m glad you caught it on film. Do you mind sharing the file with me?

  6. spinero says:

    @Smokey. Thanks. Lauren thought I was shooting up her dress.

    @Lauren I was not shooting up your dress. I also think you have moves. You were probably hampered by the heels. To download the file, click through, then right click the file and save as.

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