TweetFun Halloween this year, even though I have had a terrible cold all weekend. First to Chandra’s house in Charlotte, NC on Friday. We always take a group picture outside Chandra’s house. This is the only party I have made every year. Something always comes up for every other party. Erin and I got stuck [...]

Mandy and Michael

TweetI performed a few rock songs during Mandy’s ceremony on the beach.  What a lovely time!  Here are some random shots during the night.  All of them were using a bare flash with a CTO gel.  The orange gel is to fake that “magic hour” lighting and gives a hard orange light that people like so [...]

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Amy and Hanh

TweetWe recently went to San Francisco for Amy and Hanh’s wedding and it was great fun. I have known Amy for years and she is absolutely one of my favorite people. Hanh is perfect for Amy, mainly because I like him so much, and his dancing entertains me so. Friday morning, we all went on [...]