Fun Halloween this year, even though I have had a terrible cold all weekend. First to Chandra’s house in Charlotte, NC on Friday. We always take a group picture outside Chandra’s house. This is the only party I have made every year. Something always comes up for every other party. Erin and I got stuck in some crazy traffic on the way from Raleigh. There were three car fires! How do you have a car fire? What makes your car catch on fire? I need to know so that if there is some kind of warning so I can avoid causing traffic on the 40.

1071894773 DkoFr L 1 Halloween

We used one umbrella and the Ranger RX for this shot. The group is too big to light effectively with one light, so we did what we could.

Inside, I didn’t take any pictures. Chris took them all. He did a good job.

1071900607 aHks8 L 1 Halloween 1071901850 94uUh L 1 Halloween 1071902073 XLF69 L 1 Halloween

Erin and my pumpkin wasn’t cool like last year’s. We did what I guess amounted to the monopoly man. Last year we did boo from Super Mario Brothers.

747054011 7VJH5 L 1 Halloween 1071898361 uLjcv L 1 Halloween 1071899480 HmcVk L 1 Halloween

Saturday, we went to Jon’s house and then went out shooting people in the street. I used the Ranger and the Maxilite to give deep shadow, dramatic lighting that I thought might be suitable for Halloween. We saw some really neat costumes and we stopped the people we thought had some of the best.

1071958808 tYAQC L Halloween 1071943747 yXQ5c L 1 Halloween 1071944358 dZqjn L 1 Halloween 1071945794 EhRmK L 1 Halloween 1071947198 ktQuP L Halloween 1071948815 deTj7 L Halloween 1071949707 dnDHv L Halloween 1071950412 26m7Q L Halloween 1071951532 qTprn L Halloween 1071959194 xCnL4 L Halloween 1071960680 Hzk8a L Halloween 1071962139 V9f7d L Halloween 1071964231 YDGuv L Halloween 1071965440 94BXN L Halloween 1071966394 Hu5Ni L Halloween 1071967220 Cx83y L Halloween 1071968835 ZhEpn L Halloween 1071971428 R4Nyy L Halloween 1071972330 jdonQ L Halloween

1071974885 rZyFt L Halloween These girls were filthy. If you want to see the NSFW pics, email me.

1071978191 pRkaJ L Halloween

These folks work at Sushi One. A new restaurant on Glenwood.

1071979738 G75h5 L Halloween 1071980734 hE7Dp L Halloween

For more shots, click here.

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