Gothic Lolita shoot with Alexa

Tweet We spent a weekend shooting Alexa. Time well spent. I absolutely LOVE working with her. She is a great example of what I expect from a model. Pose after pose she gave me slight variations of looks each one a keeper, followed directions to a tee, and just blew my mind. Look at this [...]

Working at sunset

Tweet I shot that image close to sunset on a hill by the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. One light, elinchrom ranger with a a maxilight reflector held camera right and about 8 feet high by my 6’5″ assistant. I shot it with a tokina 11-16 lens on a d300. Like almost all [...]

Fuji x100 review and tutorial Part 1

It seems like everyone has reviewed this little gem already. It is a fantastic camera. I am not going to repeat the existing reviews if I can help it. I instead want to show you why it is such a good camera. This will be a multi part review with examples from my recent trip to Spain where I used the camera extensively and beside my friend’s Nikon D5000.

Portrait help – but what do I know? I can’t even get this picture to fit on my blog.

A friend asked me for tips on how to make her portrait photography better. I am learning just like she is, but I thought I would pass on some tips I have learned along the way. Above is an example of a great shot. You did everything right here, and it is a good example of how what I will write below can come together to make a good portrait. Your color is good, your composition is pretty good, you are at a flattering distance from your subject, the sun is behind her, and you used fill flash. Good job. It looks like you tried different things until you got here. I want you to take consistently great portraits without happening upon one. So let’s start with the basics.

Tina – Why does Green Lantern hang out with Green Arrow?

TweetTina was a lot of fun.  She showed up wearing a vest covered in comic book characters.  We waited for the makeup artist who was running a little late, so we talked about comic books.  She is well versed on Marvel and DC.  I tested her.  Why were there no comic book girl that looked [...]


TweetWe had a great time on our shoot with Maren. Maren has a great look and this is our second time shooting with her. This is a good example of a location shoot that went into the night. The sky gets to be a beautiful blue if you underexpose it right. Tweet

Danielle – location scouting

TweetHere are some pictures of a model we met in San Francisco. She told me she wanted to be a demon coming out of the woods. I think she did a great job. She goes by the name of Necro Wolfie. We were a little worried because we don’t know our way around San Fran, [...]

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More San Fran pictures

TweetErin and I took more pictures in San Fran that I would like to share. You can see the fine arts palace in the distance to her left.   My wife is pretty. Here we got two very different looks, just by setting the ambient level differently. The flash is the same in both pictures. [...]

Mandy and Michael

TweetI performed a few rock songs during Mandy’s ceremony on the beach.  What a lovely time!  Here are some random shots during the night.  All of them were using a bare flash with a CTO gel.  The orange gel is to fake that “magic hour” lighting and gives a hard orange light that people like so [...]

Raleigh Wide Open

Raleigh Wide Open was a blast. I picked up my niece in Lumberton and brought her up to the capital to hang out. It turns out, we were having a big festival. I told her that this is just how we roll on Saturdays. She didn’t seem impressed.

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