Annie and Brad

Oh what fun it is to be a guest at a wedding instead of working.  I still had an opportunity to take some shots of Annie and Brad.  It was good to see old friends.  Annie and Brad had a wonderful wedding in Charlotte, NC, where I lived a large part of my adult life.  They had a beautiful ceremony and reception.

823141685 YDLxH M Annie and Brad

823143335 5VrgF M Annie and Brad

I have to compliment Annie and Brad on the high quality of the bubbles that they had at the event.  These were industrial strength bubbles and worthy of being handed out by my friend Gina.  Gina only accepts the best in bubbles.

823155573 p5o7Q M Annie and Brad

Gina and Annie - That's what they looked like when I met them. They stare at each other.

823146933 MZ7J8 M Annie and Brad

We danced to the DJ and then everyone rode out in the stretch Hummer – the ultimate in classy, all terrain, combat vehicles – to the Evening Muse to see Sam Thacker.  Sam sang a surprise song at the wedding and stayed for the reception.  I had a good time showing him my iPhone chromatic tuner and other interesting apps.  I’m not sure what kind of time he had talking to me.

823160302 pc6fa M 1 Annie and Brad

Brad getting down with his bad self - and a dude I didn't get to properly meet.

We had a great time Annie.

823428612 ZsKSU M Annie and Brad

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  1. annie says:

    This is the best blog post you’ve done to date! Thank you for capturing such fun and fantastic images (complete with witty commentary). I’m so glad y’all were there and brought your dancin’ shoes with you. We had such a blast, and thanks for making it be the party it was, I love y’all!

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