San Francisco

What a great time in San Francisco.  Whew, we took a boatload of pictures out there!  We stayed near the Presidio with my friend Shawn.  He walked us down to the palace of Fine Arts.  Absolutely gorgeous, and next door to a Starbuck’s.  I still think that they burn their coffee.  Nasty.  Eddy agreed that Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best coffee and we avoided a long argument that could have lasted over the whole trip.  Thank God.   Eddy and shawn also agreed that we thought Google’s search could not have gotten faster.  We were wrong. What am I going to do with all my extra free time?   Here’s the palace on our morning leisurely walk.  Erin took this one.  She rocks.

1019145681 XQr99 M San Francisco

Why does anyone live anywhere else?  Anyway, we had a full day on Sunday, with sightseeing and costume shopping and finally a long walk on the beach.  There at the beach we were treated with a beautiful sunset, a rare occurrence in San Francisco.

1018794564 ByvPP M San Francisco

Clearly, I did not take that picture.  Neither did Erin.  That’s us.

Here’s the setup shot. 1018785048 fjn3D M San Francisco

I am the Voice Activated Lightstand in this one.  This is what the group looked like after eating crabs everyday.   Oh and the french pastry shop that I went to is the best place in the world.  Officially.  Tartine bakery and cafe.  Don’t you dare miss it if you are within an hour of San Francisco.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures. 1018789263 4eiR2 M San Francisco

1018797947 rHEn7 M San Francisco 1018802726 prjK6 M San Francisco 1018804855 jh8Ee M San Francisco

More to come soon.

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