Sun Domingo at the Lincoln Theatre

I had a great time shooting Sun Domingo at the Lincoln Theatre.  They ran through some covers and some of their original stuff off of their new album that is coming out soon.  These guys were easy to photograph because they make funny faces while they perform.  They decided to use one of my shots on their main page.    Check them out, they are a great band.

Concert photography is tricky.  To the naked eye, the stage seems like a bright place, but it is really dark in there for a camera.  I tried to use the lighting in the dimly lit theater to outline, or to give a rim light, to the artists while they were on stage.  I also experimented with black and white on this shoot.  The lights in the darkness created such contrasty scenes that black and white worked out well.   On most of the shots I used my trust 50mm lens, but I also tried some wide angle shots to get a sense of the space.  Most of these shots are between 1000 ISO and 1600 ISO with the D300.

I might try taking some more concert photography as Erin, my SO, enjoys leaving the house occasionally, and it gives us an excuse to do something different.  She gets no attention when I am trying to get a shot of the band, so I may have to think of some way to keep her occupied.  Normally, she holds a reflector or a diffuser or a flash or something and that seems to keep her out of trouble.

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Henry, Meredith and Keith

We took some shots out at Lake Crabtree on an unusually sunny fall day. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

715798939 huVmg M Henry, Meredith and Keith

715820059 ueN7e M Henry, Meredith and Keith

715821655 bSNo5 M Henry, Meredith and Keith

715833047 6ETbD L Henry, Meredith and Keith

715811876 Uxq3u L Henry, Meredith and Keith

715845361 NKw5v M Henry, Meredith and Keith

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