1224290830 A5amM M 1 MarenWe had a great time on our shoot with Maren. Maren has a great look and this is our second time shooting with her. This is a good example of a location shoot that went into the night. The sky gets to be a beautiful blue if you underexpose it right.

Danielle – location scouting

Here are some pictures of a model we met in San Francisco. She told me she wanted to be a demon coming out of the woods. I think she did a great job. She goes by the name of Necro Wolfie.

1035894234 fzTjD M 1 Danielle   location scouting

We were a little worried because we don’t know our way around San Fran, but we found some really neat trees in the Presidio when we scouted out a location the day before.  I was hoping for some fog.  It was foggy every day except this one.  Nonetheless, we were able to find some great places to shoot because we scouted ahead.

necxro Danielle   location scouting


Another spot with Erin:

DSC8269 Danielle   location scouting

And the shot with Danielle:

Necro2 Danielle   location scouting

If you are wondering why she is so pale, she was wearing white makeup to make herself look whiter.  Location scouting is an important part of our process.  Even in situations where we know we will not have a lot of time to find a place to shoot, we make time to look for the best spot out of the available locations.

Notice that Danielle’s shots are so much moodier than the shots of Erin?  That’s the effect of using a lighting rig instead of taking “available light” photos. Had we taken the photos with available light, then we could not decide where to take the pictures.  The place would have to decide for us.  For the photos of Danielle, Erin is holding a speedlight on a paint pole through a small softbox.


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More San Fran pictures

Erin and I took more pictures in San Fran that I would like to share. 1076882913 n4fuZ L More San Fran pictures

You can see the fine arts palace in the distance to her left.   My wife is pretty.

1076883471 oBYMC L More San Fran pictures 1076883854 jvqsy L More San Fran pictures

Here we got two very different looks, just by setting the ambient level differently. The flash is the same in both pictures. I think I like the dark one better, but I generally like dark pictures. It also fits the idea that there is a cemetery behind her.

1076884550 vWVTS L More San Fran pictures

This is Erin when she is cold.


Fun Halloween this year, even though I have had a terrible cold all weekend. First to Chandra’s house in Charlotte, NC on Friday. We always take a group picture outside Chandra’s house. This is the only party I have made every year. Something always comes up for every other party. Erin and I got stuck in some crazy traffic on the way from Raleigh. There were three car fires! How do you have a car fire? What makes your car catch on fire? I need to know so that if there is some kind of warning so I can avoid causing traffic on the 40.

1071894773 DkoFr L 1 Halloween

We used one umbrella and the Ranger RX for this shot. The group is too big to light effectively with one light, so we did what we could.

Inside, I didn’t take any pictures. Chris took them all. He did a good job.

1071900607 aHks8 L 1 Halloween 1071901850 94uUh L 1 Halloween 1071902073 XLF69 L 1 Halloween

Erin and my pumpkin wasn’t cool like last year’s. We did what I guess amounted to the monopoly man. Last year we did boo from Super Mario Brothers.

747054011 7VJH5 L 1 Halloween 1071898361 uLjcv L 1 Halloween 1071899480 HmcVk L 1 Halloween

Saturday, we went to Jon’s house and then went out shooting people in the street. I used the Ranger and the Maxilite to give deep shadow, dramatic lighting that I thought might be suitable for Halloween. We saw some really neat costumes and we stopped the people we thought had some of the best.

1071958808 tYAQC L Halloween 1071943747 yXQ5c L 1 Halloween 1071944358 dZqjn L 1 Halloween 1071945794 EhRmK L 1 Halloween 1071947198 ktQuP L Halloween 1071948815 deTj7 L Halloween 1071949707 dnDHv L Halloween 1071950412 26m7Q L Halloween 1071951532 qTprn L Halloween 1071959194 xCnL4 L Halloween 1071960680 Hzk8a L Halloween 1071962139 V9f7d L Halloween 1071964231 YDGuv L Halloween 1071965440 94BXN L Halloween 1071966394 Hu5Ni L Halloween 1071967220 Cx83y L Halloween 1071968835 ZhEpn L Halloween 1071971428 R4Nyy L Halloween 1071972330 jdonQ L Halloween

1071974885 rZyFt L Halloween These girls were filthy. If you want to see the NSFW pics, email me.

1071978191 pRkaJ L Halloween

These folks work at Sushi One. A new restaurant on Glenwood.

1071979738 G75h5 L Halloween 1071980734 hE7Dp L Halloween

For more shots, click here.

Mandy and Michael

I performed a few rock songs during Mandy’s ceremony on the beach.  What a lovely time!  Here are some random shots during the night.  All of them were using a bare flash with a CTO gel.  The orange gel is to fake that “magic hour” lighting and gives a hard orange light that people like so much in the late afternoon.  These shots were too late for that light, but you can see the sun peeking out above the houses in the background.

1054198960 ifSE3 M Mandy and Michael

1054201065 kqTzS M Mandy and Michael

1054201861 TiNwR M Mandy and Michael

1054207873 nLrPk M Mandy and Michael

1054209088 9pGjm M Mandy and Michael

1054212941 E6eL9 M Mandy and Michael

1054229510 LJDCh M Mandy and Michael

1054235370 XoiQX M Mandy and Michael

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Amy and Hanh

We recently went to San Francisco for Amy and Hanh’s wedding and it was great fun. I have known Amy for years and she is absolutely one of my favorite people. Hanh is perfect for Amy, mainly because I like him so much, and his dancing entertains me so.

Friday morning, we all went on a bike tour from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, to Saulsalito, then to Tiburon.

1030159580 H7inv M Amy and Hanh 1030227945 AT7Yz M Amy and Hanh 1030202345 vZg95 M Amy and Hanh 1030267914 NSJXr M Amy and Hanh

Erin on her bike. This is her natural glamorous pose. We stopped too many times to take pictures of the beautiful day. Here is the picture that made us miss the boat from Tiburon back to San Francisco.

1030554355 dZrhJ M Amy and Hanh

After the scariest cab ride I have ever experienced back to San Francisco (and I am from New York City!), we made it back in time to shower and change for the welcome dinner. Amy and Hanh wore traditional Vietnamese áo dài and áo gấm at the dinner. If you can’t pronounce that, it is because you are not Vietnamese.

1030661155 2D2uN M 1 Amy and Hanh

They had a delicious assortment of foods including dungeness crabs, which are not native to North Carolina, but are in abundance in San Francisco. The fancy Vietnamese outfits plus crackly messy crabs equals, you guessed it, lobster bibs!

1030545456 AYo2x M Amy and Hanh

Lobster bibs all around, and that makes for a fun time for all.

1030568785 pEMih M Amy and Hanh 1030579887 XVY7g M 1 Amy and Hanh

The after-party was down the street at an Irish pub, to celebrate Amy’s side of the impending union.

1030629534 WcuVv M 1 Amy and Hanh

They had an intimate ceremony at the Presidio chapel that perfectly blended their personalities. There was an interesting reading about a hippo or a kangaroo that I can’t exactly remember, but I liked it nonetheless.

1030177431 e5tTv M 1 Amy and Hanh

Here are some reception and party shots from the officer’s club next door to the chapel.

1030210313 3pYQJ M 1 Amy and Hanh 1030189113 rCkxj M 1 Amy and Hanh 1030265801 C4sYK M Amy and Hanh 1030537548 LFmnt M Amy and Hanh

Congratulations Amy and Hanh!

San Francisco

What a great time in San Francisco.  Whew, we took a boatload of pictures out there!  We stayed near the Presidio with my friend Shawn.  He walked us down to the palace of Fine Arts.  Absolutely gorgeous, and next door to a Starbuck’s.  I still think that they burn their coffee.  Nasty.  Eddy agreed that Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best coffee and we avoided a long argument that could have lasted over the whole trip.  Thank God.   Eddy and shawn also agreed that we thought Google’s search could not have gotten faster.  We were wrong. What am I going to do with all my extra free time?   Here’s the palace on our morning leisurely walk.  Erin took this one.  She rocks.

1019145681 XQr99 M San Francisco

Why does anyone live anywhere else?  Anyway, we had a full day on Sunday, with sightseeing and costume shopping and finally a long walk on the beach.  There at the beach we were treated with a beautiful sunset, a rare occurrence in San Francisco.

1018794564 ByvPP M San Francisco

Clearly, I did not take that picture.  Neither did Erin.  That’s us.

Here’s the setup shot. 1018785048 fjn3D M San Francisco

I am the Voice Activated Lightstand in this one.  This is what the group looked like after eating crabs everyday.   Oh and the french pastry shop that I went to is the best place in the world.  Officially.  Tartine bakery and cafe.  Don’t you dare miss it if you are within an hour of San Francisco.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures. 1018789263 4eiR2 M San Francisco

1018797947 rHEn7 M San Francisco 1018802726 prjK6 M San Francisco 1018804855 jh8Ee M San Francisco

More to come soon.


I took some pictures of Supergirl a few weeks back.  Here are my favorites.  Taken with some strong monolights and a generator.  I needed something to overpower the sun.

Next time, I will use a neutral density filter to get my aperture down to 8.  These are F16-F22, so they are not as sharp at they could be.  Which one is your favorite?

997591257 u89rx L 2 Supergirl

1001555965 zbEk9 L 1 Supergirl

984000768 332Ut L 3 Supergirl

1001542326 VaYG8 L 2 Supergirl

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Collect them all!

981747755 atZ4x M 1 Violet980562030 D3YK9 M 2 Violet981799017 Cgao3 M Violet980615844 zvFJB M 2 Violet

Ronni and David

Ronni and David were married at PGA national.  Congratulations!  I am proud of you baby brother.  I love you. Enjoy the slideshow and the pictures that follow.

110 Ronni and David

21 Ronni and David

31 Ronni and David

51 Ronni and David

112 Ronni and David

7 Ronni and David

8 Ronni and David

10 Ronni and David

11 Ronni and David

111 Ronni and David

12 Ronni and David

13 Ronni and David

14 Ronni and David

15 Ronni and David

18 Ronni and David

19 Ronni and David

22 Ronni and David

32 Ronni and David

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